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Enhancing Self-Service Portals with Online Learning Content By Ryan Cramer October 11, 2016 Articles and Editorials Web portals offer a broad spectrum of valuable services to different groups of people your organization interacts with including: Each of these groups have different reasons to learn about your products, services, and company history. It’s great to train these people so they are more knowledgeable about what you do and who you are. Self-service CRM portals have the added value of delivering context-specific training content, while keeping track of their progress, and the effectiveness of the content itself. Here are some effective ways your company could be getting more value out of your web presence, while educating the members of your stakeholder communities. It would be great if you could deliver every customer training session in person, but the realities of availability and travel logistics makes that nearly impossible. Online training is available 24/7, ensures consistent, current content and costs are limited to the time and resources related to building the content. Having a common training platform between your customer portal and your learning management system makes authentication easier, and helps you extend your brand into your learning content. If you have a subscription-based service, product training can ensure adoption of your offering, and help to grow your customer relationship. If you integrate your LMS and your self-service portal site into CRM, you can keep track of the courses your customers have completed, collect feedback on the content, and create certification programs on your site. Gamification is a great incentive to make online training more engaging, and you can keep track of training points for digital or physical incentives. Employee Onboarding and Ongoing Certification For new employees, getting up to speed on workplace culture, organizational hierarchy and policies can be difficult to take in all at once.

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